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About us

Aadi Medicare specializes in the sales and service of new and refurbished medical equipment. Our goal is to provide top-quality products at competitive prices with the best on-going support and service. With thousands of customers from coast to coast, we have built our business on a foundation of customer satisfaction and business integrity. We value our customer relationships and look forward to building a relationship with you.

Whether you are interested in purchasing new or used medical equipment or you are in need to service and preventive maintenance for your existing equipment, we are confident that we can provide the required support. Our goal is to be your one-stop source for all of your medical equipment needs.

Our customers include universities, hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, oral surgeons, plastic surgeons, cardiologists, internists, family practicephysicians, pulmonologists, pediatrician, respiratory specialists, gynecologists, obstetricians, neurologists, physical therapists, veterinarians, and many other types of doctors and research centers.

In a very short period of time, we entered into major business categories, which represent global industry. Our secret of success is based on our devoted, skilled and professionally trained Human Resources. Our Human Resources Management system provides better work environment, basic facilities, virtual and financial encouragement, which results in best performance.

We work 24x7 thus providing flexible hours for our clients. Our Project managers can be available according to the requirement. We provide effective work timings, thus making our clients communicate directly to our project managers.

At Aadi Medicare, the pursuit of ideas are a passion with us. Ideas that are rooted in reality. Ideas that are borne out of workaday situations. Ideas that lend a fourth dimension to a business situation. Ideas that work !. Our Vision is to Aim Higher to explore new horizons of technological innovations and create new quality benchmarks.

We believe and live by the principles of Mutual Trust, Respect and strive to provide value addition in every aspect of our business. We take customer suggestions and feedback positively and incorporate the same into future road map.

Aadi Medicare team truly understands our customers' needs and business processes. The team delivers new product innovation, integration, sustained engineering, customizations supported by collaborative teams that work seamlessly with clients.