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Ecg Machine
ECG is a transthoracic interpretation of the electrical activity of the heart over time captured and externally recorded by skin electrodes. It is a noninvasive recording produced by an electrocardiographic device.

ECG (electrocardiogram) is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heart. The heart is a muscular organ that beats in rhythm to pump the blood through the body. The signals that make the heart's muscle fibres contract come from the sinoatrial node, which is the natural pacemaker of the heart. In an ECG test, the electrical impulses made while the heart is beating are recorded and usually shown on a piece of paper. This is known as an electrocardiogram, and records any problems with the heart's rhythm, and the conduction of the heart beat through the heart which may be affected by underlying heart disease.

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We are Supplier of Ecg Machine in India.

Digital 3 Channel Ecg Machine

ecg machine We bring forth Digital Three Channel ECG Machine that is manufactured from quality components. With an efficient use of proven technology, this Digital Three Channel ECG Machine has been designed to give exceptional performance.

  • Lightweight, compact in size
  • Simultaneous acquisition of 12-lead ECG data
  • High resolution thermal printing array system * Operation menu and parameter setting via LCD
  • Selectable multi - mode of leads: Manual (standard single channel); Auto (standard single channel), Analysis
  • Lead Mode : Standard and European
  • Measurement function under Auto Mode operation
  • Rhythm lead printing possible in both auto and manual modes
  • Rhythm lead selectable from either I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, Vv V2, V3, V4, Vs, V6
  • Filter for AC, EMG and OFT
  • 12-lead ECG waveform can be transferred to PC, measured, analyzed, stored or printed out on A4 paper
  • Detection and alarm for lead-off, no paper or low battery
  • Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording
  • Built-in Help Function: troubleshooting collection, etc.
  • Safety standard: IEC CLASS I, lYPE CF
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