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ICU Ventilator
A medical ventilator may be defined as any machine designed to mechanically move breatheable air into and out of the lungs, to provide the mechanism of breathing for a patient who is physically unable to breathe, or breathing insufficiently. Owing to the experience of the industry since years, we are engaged in the trading and supplying of the best quality range of medical equipments like ICU Ventilator. These ventilators are best suitable for the better supply of oxygen to the patients. We do not make compromise in terms of quality of these products and so we test these ventilators on different parameters for best results. Our product range includes Luft3 ICU Ventillator, Versamed ivent 201 Ventilator, Ltv 950 Ventilator, Seimens 300A ICU Ventilator and many more. Our service are all over India like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Rewari, Alwar, Haryana, Rajasthan.
We are also provide Ventilator on rental bases. You can contact for repairing and servicing of Ventilator.

ICU Equipment list
  • ICU Ventilator
  • Cardiac Patient monitor
  • Defibrillator
  • Syringe Pump
  • Suction Machine
  • Ambu bag (resuscitator)
  • Laryngoscope
NICU Equipment list
  • NICU Ventilator
  • Warmer
  • Phototheraphy
  • Cardiac Patient Monitor

LUFT 3 ICU Ventilator

icu ventilator
luft3 icu ventilator
icu ventilator
The Lung Ventilator for Intensive Care Units LUFT3 integrates the technology of its 17" colored touchscreen display and the control by microprocessor, offering a full range of ventilator modes, allowing the monitoring of the condition of adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

  • 17" colored Touch screen.
  • For new born baby to adults patient use.
  • Ventilation modes : Volume Assisted Controlled, Pressure Assisted Controlled, CPAP, PRVC, SIMV Volume Controll + Pressure Support, SIMV Pressure Controll + Pressure Support, MMV + Pressure Support, Pressure Support + Assured Tidal Volume, Biphasic Pressure (APRV+BIPAP), VNI, Continuous Flow, Nasal CPAP
  • Breath rate : 0 to 80 bpm
  • Tidal volume : 2 to 2,000 mL
  • Weight : 28 kg
  • PEEP : 0 to 20 cmH2O

LTV 950 portable ICU Ventilator

icu ventilator
ambulance ventilator
ambulance ventilator
ambulance ventilator
The LTV 950 ventilator innovatively provides variable rise time, sensitivity flow trigger, flow termination, variable time termination and leak compensation. The LTV 950 ventilator features an internal oxygen blending system, connected to a low pressure O2 source, including volume control, adjustable flow triggering and invasive or noninvasive ventilation with apnea backup mode. For patients 7 kg to adults. Weighing only 6 kg and much smaller than comparably equipped ventilators, this unit has a built-in turbine allowing transport ventilation where and when you need it. O2 Flush, O2 Cylinder Duration and Automatic O2 Switchover features on the hospital ventilator enhance patient care.

  • Ventilation modes : Volume Assist Control, Pressure Assist Control, Volume Control SIMV, Pressure SIMV, CPAP
  • Breath types : VC, PC, PS and Spontaneous
  • Breath rate : 0 to 80 bpm
  • Tidal volume : 50 to 2,000 mL
  • Weight : 6 kg
  • Dimension : 8 cm/25 cm/30 cm
  • Alarms : Apnea interval, High pressure limit, Low peak pressure, Low minute volume, High rate
  • Inspiratory time : 0.3 to 9.9 seconds (100 lpm)
  • PEEP : 0 to 20 cmH2O

Ambulance ventilator

Versamed ivent 201 ICU Ventilator

Accessories: Patient Circuit
Model: ivent 201
Warranty: One year
Delivery: free delivery
The iVent201 is a portable, computer controlled, electrically powered ventilator providing continuous or intermittent ventilatory support to patients requiring mechanical ventilation, as prescribed by an attending physician. The iVent201 features advanced software, electronic and mechanical technologies which, along with easy operation, provide effective and reliable ventilation. IVent 201 is a fully automatic Ventilator.

Specifications :
  • Ventilation Modes: Volume Assist Control, Pressure Assist Control, Volume Controlled SIMV, Pressure Controlled SIMV, CPAP, Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV)
  • Respiratory Rate: 1 to 50 ±1 bpm
  • Tidal Volume: 50 to 2000 mL
  • Accuracy of Tidal Volume Delivery from the set value: ±10% or ±10 mL (whichever is greater)
  • Accuracy of (Respiratory) exhale tidal Volume Measurement: ±15% above 100 mL from actual reading or ±10 mL below 100 mL
  • Inspiratory Pressure Limit: 5 to 80 ±5 cmH2O
  • Inspiratory Time: Adaptive Time™ or 0.3 to 3 ±10% seconds
  • Peak Flow (PIF): Adaptive Flow™ or 1 to 120 ±10% L/min Spontaneous to 180 ±10% L/min
  • Oxygen Mix (FiO2 ): 21% to 100% ±5% FiO2
  • PEEP: 0 to 20 ±1 cmH2O or ±10% (whichever is greater)
  • Trigger Sensitivity, Flow: Off or 1 to 20 L/min
  • Trigger Sensitivity, Pressure: Off or -0.5 to -20 cmH2O
  • PSV: (0 to 60) ±10% cmH2O
  • Positive Pressure Relief: Valve 80 cmH2O
  • Controlled Pressure: (5 to 80) ± 5 cmH2O
  • FiO2 at Power up: 21%, 40%, 60%, 100% (selectable)
  • Power Supply: External AC 100 to 240 V, 50-60 Hz, max. 1.6 A External DC 12 to 15 V, max. 8.5 A
  • Internal Battery: Sealed Lead-Acid, 12V, 7.2-9 Ah (rechargeable) Battery Backup Up to 2 hours
  • Oxygen Supply: High Pressure 40 to 60 psi (2.8 to 4.1 bar)
  • Size: Height 13 in / 33 cm, Width 9.5 in / 24 cm, Depth 10.3 in / 26 cm
  • Display: 8.4 in / 21.3 cm diagonal
  • Weight: 7 kg (without battery), 10 kg (with battery)

icu ventilator

Siemens 300 Icu Ventilator

Accessories: Compressor, Patient circuit
warranty: One year
Delivery: free delivery
Lung ventilator intended for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. A refurbished Siemens 300 Servo Ventilator offers a wide range of ventilation modes together with an Automode function for greater treatment possibilities, shorter weaning times and increased patient comfort

The Siemens 300 is comprised of 2 main components:
  • Control Unit: Contains the electronic circuits necessary for control of ventilation (panel and knobs).
  • Patient Unit: Continually measures flow and pressure with transducers.
  • Neonate to adult patient range
  • Wide range of ventilation modes
  • Easy to use
  • O2 air gas module filters bacteria.


Patient range: Adult, Pediatric,Neonate

Dimensions: Patient unit: W 242 x D 370 x H 240mm, User interface: W 431 x D 150 x H 325mm

Weight: 24kg

Method of triggering: Flow and Pressure

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